Down 2 Us

A musical journey depicting the liberation of the human spirit when it is awakened and inspired by finding love with another. The lyrics speak of life experiences both personal and universal. Styles range from R&B/Latin influenced grooves to ethereal vehicles for your imagination. Fantastic interplay between Shivani's captivating voice and Roshan's singing guitar.

  Let There Be Light

Creates peace and tranquility, and yet stimulates boundless colorful flights
of fancy. Music of the heart.
Instrumental compositions
depict light in its
various forms.
  Cosmic Dance

Music of the spheres. Peaceful, expansive, with a wider range of textures, painting colorful pictures in
the mind of the listener. Instrumental.

  Sonic Light

"Music that flows from within. Each composition is named after and corresponds to a particular color. Great
vehicle for meditation, relaxation, visualization,
or just plain enjoyment. Instrumental.