DOWN 2 US is a musical journey depicting the liberation of the human spirit when it is awakened and inspired by finding love with another. The styles range from rhythm & blues and latin influenced grooves to ethereal new age flavored gems, while the lyrics speak of life experiences both personal and universal. Together Roshan & Shivani have molded these elements into a fresh distinctive sound.

These two artists each bring years of professional performing and songwriting experience to this partnership. Their accomplishments include: staff songwriting for Motown, film scoring, and performing throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, and Hawaii, playing jazz, rock, blues, Latin, country, new age and more. Add to this list their experience as studio musicians and in sound engineering, as well as record mixing (such as this one) and you'll see one reason why they call the recording DOWN 2 US. They accomplished nearly all facets of the project "double handedly"!




Some of the songs, like Heaven Help Us , Mankind, and the title cut Down 2 Us reflect Roshan and Shivani's concern for the environment, respect for all life, and their belief in personal responsibility. Others, such as the R&B style Anything You Want and Simon Says are good time dance songs. They call Soft Summer Dreams, Old Friends, and Pegasus Rising cosmic love songs, and are the most autobiographical. Rounding out the album is a bluesy The Last Ride and the transcendental Moon Magic. The two instrumentals, The Meeting and the intro to Pegasus Rising are examples' of the improvisational magic of their 3 earlier recordings in the style that brought them together in the first place.



Anyone who has seen Roshan & Shivani perform will notice immediately the musical empathy and compatibility they possess. This is highlighted by the interplay between Shivani's captivating voice and Roshan's unique "singing guitar". Their search for soulfulness and beauty through music has created in DOWN 2 US a true "Work of Heart".

Happy listening!