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"Music reveals our deepest feelings, experiences, and thoughts.
I express best through my guitar, so together my guitar and I
will tell it from the heart."


1. My Heart Cries - Failed relationships are devastating. To release the pain
through artistic expression is a powerful way to return to life. This recording
won the pre-concert contest that led to my performance with “The Best”, a
band consisting of Joe Walsh of the Eagles and James Gang, Jeff "Skunk"
Baxter of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, John Entwistle & Simon
Phillips of The Who, Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and
vocalist Rick Livingston. My “15 Minutes of Fame”.

2. Butterfly Ballet - A butterfly that Shivani named Sophie lived in our
backyard for a while. It would constantly land on us and even go for rides on
Shivani’s finger as she walked back and forth (we have pictures). One day
it appeared with a companion and they put on a show for us, dancing and
pirouetting gracefully through the air all around the yard. I thought, OK, this
performance deserves a song. Here I am using my “singing guitar” sound
to portray the swirling butterflies.

3. Spirit Dance - The exotic, emotional, and dynamic quality of music from
India and the Middle East has long been deeply inspirational to me. That
influence led to this song, and the recording of it is from a rehearsal of our
band, Mandala. The exhilaration created by the galloping tabla and
bongos is like racing along with the wind in your face.

4. Bear Bottom Boogie - One advantage of being a Gemini is that I can
play dueling guitars by myself. Here they (me & me) are duking it out with
licks they’ve never played before and having a ball doing it. “Go Men Go”.

5. Sleep Walk - On a beautiful Hawaiian weekend afternoon, Shivani was
asked to fill in at a country restaurant gig that she had done a time or two
before. The singing drummer who was the leader of the trio called and
said the guitar player also could not make it and did she know someone
who could do it. She suggested me and so we did the gig, taking turns
singing while looking out at the ocean, as balmy breezes floated through
the open air cafe. This song from that day seems to capture the laid back
vibe and overall feeling of the time and place. The drummer had not heard
me before so you may hear his spontaneous reactions to my playing.

6. Cats In Heat - Humor in music is a good thing. While creating sounds in
a guitar effects unit, I found one that sounds like the cats I hear out on the
street at night. Who says cats can’t sing. Here’s Rusty and Fluffy by way
of my guitars. “Love makes the world go ‘round, but humor keeps us sane”.

7. Kychun Sync - For a while I was really into guitar synthesizer, where you
can produce the sound of any instrument from guitar. Of course to do it
effectively you have to think like you are playing that instrument. Everything
on this song (except the drums which I played on keyboard), including all
solos, bass, keyboard sounds, and backing instruments are guitar or guitar
synth. Sometimes multiple personalities can be an advantage.

8. Children Of War - I was sitting inside playing my guitar and through the
open window I heard a neighbor telling another the news of Iraq’s invasion
of Kuwait and the immediate military retaliation by the U.S. and it’s allies.
My first thought was for the children that always suffer so badly when war
is waged, not just in the Middle East, but anywhere, both past & present.
This song came to me right then, all at once, and continues to remind me
that we, humanity, must do better by our children.

9. Osmosis - While performing nightly in Waikiki I developed a friendship
with the security guard, who was also a guitarist. He gave me recordings
of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, which I liked to listen to on the way to the
gig. I never actually sat down and analyzed or played along with them,
but when I wrote this song some of their stuff oozed out, like Vai’s use
of a harmonizer. The tremendous influence of Jeff Beck pokes out as well.
My ideas of composition and guitar may seem a bit unusual here, but why
sound like what you have already heard?

10. I Love You Much Too Much - Some of my favorite gigs have been
with the Santana Tribute Band Hawaii, where the approach is not just to
copy, but to use these great songs to project the energy, spirit, and
creativity that they deserve. I’ve played Santana’s more well known
songs countless times, but here we play one of the lesser known ones
at a live Cinco de Mayo performance.

11. Transformation - Now for something a bit different. In life, not all is
rainbows and roses. While music and other arts can convey the less
bright side of the human experience, beauty may even be found in the
ominous. Sometimes the dark must be traversed before the light is
discovered. Hold on tight and don’t look back.

12. Reflections - Peace and serenity - music can do that.
I’m ending this collection of songs with one that I hope will
bring you a sense of quiet, comfort, and contentment.

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